Cheyenne Pagan
History Benchmark Proposal
Religion and sexual views

topic for investigation be specific includes religions

why this topic? what do you hope to find/ show

What is your research plan? what types of resources do you want to find how will you search

Pagan vs. Christians
Pagans-tolerant yet not based around sex
Christians- frowned upon until marriage and any sexual inhibitions

I thought that since most religions have similar views on sex until marriage or the limitations of number of sexual partners it would be extremely interesting to hear about to different points of views. I would like to show how two different cultures and religions define the same act that is widely stuck in the closest because it’s an embarrassing topic. Where one religion feels as if it is apart of nature and it is okay to celebrate in such actions, the other dismisses the idea of sex before marriage.

I want to be able to find multiple sources that describe the openness of Paganism and closeness of Christians or Catholics. I’m taking to opposite views and showing how religions derived from the same origin and teachings can now have such different outlook